Tempest Building Systems™   vs.  Conventional Construction Methods and Materials
In a recent head to head comparison, a General Contractor provided Tempest with a sample plan of a project. The G.C. and Tempest then independently calculated the project, including time, materials, and installation labor costs. The results:


Contractor's days on job with 5 men: 43 days Tempest Building Systems days on job with 5 men: 7 days
Contractor's labor cost: $116,400.00 Tempest Building Systems labor cost: $12,320.00
Contractor's gross cost: $154,627.00 Tempest Building Systems gross cost: $97,680.00
Cost Savings: $56,947.00 Time Savings: 36 days


Tempest Building Systems™ Are Fire, Water, Mold and Mildew Proof.
Conventional materials do not provide these safety and health risk protections.